WE Poe-TREE Green Hearts Award 2022

WE Poe-TREE Green Hearts Award 2022 Connects Important Milestones

Introducing the WE Poe-TREE Green Hearts Award 2022, for exceptional poetry, poetics, perseverance, and hearts that may be ever-greened. This new recognition joins the significant dots in our WE Literary journey, connecting our background to the present moment with hopes for a greener future. It has special reference to the poetry writing month at #CeWoPoWriMoWE during April, when we write together, and in 2021 we made it a memorable experience by writing till the very end of July. This happened thanks to the dedicated participation of Rituparna Khan, who responded to and insisted on prompts every single day beyond April, and kept writing till July 31. An admirable feat, deserving of praise, for the exquisite poetry she created during those trying pandemic days, and kept us enthralled in poetics. Equally great praise for Amita Paul who wrote intense, edifying poetry all through April ’21 while bravely combating COVID, made a miraculous recovery by month-end, and kept writing at regular intervals till July end. Our prayers were with her every moment. Amita’s poetry is brilliant and her work received recognition and accolades that year with awards from various poetry groups (Destiny Poets, UK, The Significant League and others). Rituparna has got a book out out with many an adoring reader.

Lily Swarn, the immensely gifted poet, is an inspiration with her writing and presence at #CeWoPoWriMoWE since 2019, and she makes our online readings & celebrations memorable with her exquisite poetic expressions in English, Urdu, Punjabi.

Nishat Haider, Taseer Gujral, Somrita Urni Ganguly bring to the WE Literary Community invaluable treasures of their minds, poetics, participation, collaboration and immense contribution.

These awards mark the beginning of a greener journey.

The Award Categories and Structure is presented in ‘Recipients’ section.

Thanks to everyone writing and participating at #CeWoPoWriMoWE. You are precious.

Back to Earth

The pandemic years that stopped us in our tracks, also took us back to earth, and this journey we poetically undertook at #CeWoPoWriMoWE in 2021, by focusing on rivers, oceans, forests, mountains and green spaces. This was an intuitive attempt to heal and find solace during extremely difficult times.

Thanks go up to the universe, for everything.

And Back to the Future!

For me, personally, this brought into focus my earlier work, earth, trees, tree-woman, universe, throwing in sharp relief the way past, present and future fuse into each other in circles. So, both the pandemic and climate change demanded a renewed and emphatic engagement with Mother Earth. (Some works are presented in the section ‘Women & Earth – Founder’s Focus’)


Theme of #CeWoPoWriMoWE 2021 –

#CeWoPoWriMoWE – Celebrate World Poetry Writing Month with WE, April ’21

Poetry writing month approaches with its magic touch ! This year let’s create an immersive experience of love. Let love flow freely in our poetry, let our words be a waterfall of hope, a river of romance where we find ourselves anew. Flow on into an ocean of soft revelations, a sea of quiet understanding….

The format could be a little different this year, more free flowing. Earlier years saw us writing to thought provoking prompts from wonderful poets, and weekly themes was the highlight last year. Our heartfelt thanks to all who gave us prompts for Inauguration, Transcendence, Illumination, Healing and A New World, in the most challenging of years.

Love is the overall theme for the month of April ’21.

Week 1 embraces us in Welcome & Prayer. 

Week 2 finds us in Forests (real / imagined/ dreamt of )

Week 3 sees us with Rivers (known/ unknown)

Week 4 takes us to Oceans.

Week 5 (bonus week ) explores the Mind.

This is the space where we write. If you are new, please send in a join request. See you there….


#CeWoPoWriMoWE 2022

This year we write for all the beautiful trees in the world – the famous, the beautiful, the little known, the strange and the wild gatherings that are our forests, jungles and dreams…