Tribute to the Nightingale of India – (Late) Smt. Lata Mangeshkar ji

Smeetha Bhoumik

A humble tribute of heartfelt gratitude to the Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar ji, who has left us eternal abodes made of sounds that are our homes forever.

Everlasting sounds are like exquisite homes, their energy and vibration soaring to great heights in the seven heavens bound in the magic of seven musical notes, in the voice of a singer divine!
You can enter the magnificent interiors floating on a melody, eyes closed in rapture, seeing everything that was lost or is yet to be, and rejoice in its splendour.

It is glorious how young people today carry her melodies in their hearts and voices with so much love and perfection. 
This is heartening and it augurs well, for it aligns with golden ways and sounds, a promise, a resurgence of everything beautiful to come. The sounds of an era are its messengers, when it sounds right, things will mostly turn out well.


 Sparkles of epiphany, 
A feeling of being welcomed
     Rise from
These deeply
Gorgeous sounds,
    Strums of
Warm feelings
   Very personal.

I belong to this song,
As do millions of others.

The tune dips into a bottomless container 
Its boom echoes in my heart
Opening up interiors
  Ancient old,
& builds new melodious chambers
So spacious, 
Understanding and kind - its
Awe-inspiring vistas hold up everything...
    This sound, this up and down,
    This soaring into melodic skies
    This descent into hearts divine,

Its magic, is the sound creation of abodes 
Or homes created of sound
    That last forever...

       Beyond the original inhabitant
Who brought it into being with
Her exquisite singing!

Hundreds of blessed ones may come
Traversing the rhythmic sur-taal of four walls
To enter majestic mansions of the mind
Stretching garlands of seven sounds
Unto eternity
Weaving the ground, the skies, 
Celestial spaces
Abodes of peace 
And joy
A rhythmic unity
Flowing in hearts...

I bow to her
And to those who created magical spaces
Called song
    Called home
            Called sounds divine. 

Make room in depths of some long forgotten understanding, be home all over again…

Smeetha, March 27, 2023

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