Four Books That Flow Like Poetry –

1.The Difference – When Good Enough Isn’t Enough by Subir Chowdhury.

2.The Making of A Chief Justice of India – The Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh by Sunita Singh.

3. A Selfie & A Star by Nirmala Mary Rego

4. Draupadi by Koral Dasgupta

A gist of the four books:

The Difference – When Good Enough Isn’t Enough by Subir Chowdhury

Is a startling creation from the heart, an impeccable offering made to the world when it needs it the most, with deepest understanding, and it situates care at its core. Written with the wisdom of years of experience gleaned the hard way, working with global brands across the world, it is a laser-like incisive light for companies, individuals, groups across every spectrum.

A book, when taken to heart, will transform results a hundred-fold, whether it is a corporate or an individual striving for excellence. This is based on the real-life experiences of the author who has consulted with some of the top companies in the world through turbulent times, changing their fortunes.

The joy of reading its lucid prose is another gift altogether. Only a full review will illumine the gems within.

The Making of A Chief Justice of India – The Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh by Sunita Singh

Is a book that narrates the extraordinary life and times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh, within the contours of the freedom movement. Ensconced in its pages are the towering ideals, the everyday moments and noble feats of a scholarly individual and that of a nation inching towards independence. The brilliance and illumination of both sparkle in bursts of resonance, distinctive, yet reminiscent of the golden memories made from families, books, music, cinema and learning. 

The romance, idealism and extraordinary elements merit a full review.

A Selfie & A Star by Nirmala Mary Rego

Carries the gold of cherished values and offers nuggets of wisdom gathered over a lifetime of experience in teaching and brand-building as an expert. The book provides a focus on behaviours that lead to success and can be inculcated by young aspirants on the road to a prosperous, meaningful life. It speaks in the voice of the Good Nana, who offers impossibly beautiful quotes of philosophers, thinkers, great industrialists and brilliant achievers to shore up her thoughts…promising the young, a world of golden opportunities.

A full review to follow.

Draupadi by Koral Dasgupta

The closest imagery and experience of the celestial magic this book offers the reader is, a bird carrying on its beauteous plume, an epic of gigantic proportions! So light, so lyrical and unique is its language, its expression, that it can best be described as a subtle feather-touch of deep insights, of feminine perspectives never probed before. The way it leads the reader into epic labyrinths of love and intrigue from entirely novel perspectives, is remarkable. The book is difficult to put down, A full review will follow in due course.

Smeetha Bhoumik, Jan 9, 2023.