Smeetha Bhoumik

Beauty of the Mind

#CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, April of Love. Day 26, Week 5 - The Mind

Irradiated, iridescent,
The mind is where
Miracles happen

Its energies synchronised &
Its vibrations
With that of the universe,

The mind flows on,
A river of opulence
A forest of discoveries,
An ocean of awareness

Unto eternity.....

The mind perseveres
Through joy and sorrow
Towards a cherished balance -
That sublime moment of equanimity.

The mind is where  
a Garden of Eden
And Paradise is a visceral reality.

The enchanted land of
All the abodes of the Gods
Is conceived in the mind.

The mind is one 
With the forces
Of the universe, 
Fathomless in its depths

And infinite in its powers
Of comprehension, 
Understanding, creative
Abilities and beauty.

The mind alone can
Create a heaven out of hell
Or transform a living hell
Into heaven 

With its mysterious powers enshrined within...


Prompt Day 17 - Ganga - We Go Ekphrastic!   #CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, April of Love. Day 16, Week 3 - Rivers

As you follow 
  Your heart 
To reach the ocean, 

The sky looks on
    In adoration !

   & shades
Of luminescence 

Your sky
      offers you

& you carry them
In your bosom !

O Ganga,
           Ripples of your
Cool waters
Touched with
         Divine blues

Has kept millions
    Across millennia
    Seeking and
Findng blessings
In you.

For wherever you go
    You reflect the love received
Green of forests,
Ochre’d muddy hills
    White rock embankments
The white of swallows
        dipping in
For cool summer drinks.

At Gaumukh
In your 
   Cradled in
You reflect
Mother Earth's
  Deep love
Her nurture,
Her caring,
    Her nourishing home...

Growing up
A young maiden
In bountiful forests 
You flow down,

Dancing &
Singing with the birds
That the forests adorn.

You trill
Like the wind
In a musical stream
You gush and 
  Over mountainous 
And plains...

You disappear in
Unlikely terrain
Or burrows 
To emerge
Even stronger, with more resolve.


#CeWoPoWriMoWE '21. April of love.  Week 1, - Welcome & Prayer.
Prompt 4 - How darkness can be light
Inspired by Taseer Gujral's post on TS Eliot's poem 'Four Quartets' .

Praise be to You :

Within this fold 
of alchemic 

I am

Into spaces
Mysterious & joyous

Making light of darkness deep.

Praise be to You :

Even shadows

I am

In my imperfect
Flawed natural existence
Rooted in earth's depths 
Flowing into mysterious spaces

Making light of darkness deep.

Praise be to You 
Today and forever

Within this fold 
Of alchemic 

I am.


Prompt Day 30 - Mind and Body
#CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, April of Love. Day 30, Week 5 - The Mind

You can now touch
The grief
Out there, it is a thing
A presence,
     A body of its own

The mind - numb.

Lines shear through
The blinding gloom
Erupting in

Frenzied departures
Devoid of dignity 

One by one

Rock solid

Fade away

Ashes of the day


Prompt May Day 1 -  Blessings Galore !
#CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, April-May of Love. Day 30, Week 6 - Blessings

In this medley of smoke
I am dissolving bit by bit
Blessings in my wake,

A zombie, I stare at the screen.

In this catastrophic hour
I am diffusing Into air
My precious breath not mine alone

Wonder ! I inhale, exhale....

In this minute of reckoning, 
Something in me joins the 
Departures, something 

In me, dies every minute.

I rekindle some hope, some strength
Out of thin air, and know I'll
Keep churning till the last breath.

Something in me accepts,
Something cries, there are big
Chunks of fear, lurking in dark corners

I try to find the sun, I really try

But then I  think of trees
Chopped away, mercilessly
Like the women massacred

And now oxygen !

Oh, oxygen....oxygen....

A country up in smoke
I am dissolving bit by bit
Blessings in my wake....

Restless New Leaves

Day 9 Prompt #CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, April of Love. Week2- Forests
Prompt - Restless New Leaves

(A Sestina)

Red-earth-trails in dense foliage, so restless
in spring, they traipse and prance! New
young shoots, with their hearts on leaves,
sway gently, ever so gently. A silken rustle 
stirs up desire, stirs up
love, an ancient longing to break into song.

Breaking boundaries, they meet, a song
for each other on their lips. Restless
as the truant breeze, they shake up
conventions, shake up norms. New,
the knots of their golden ties, a rustle
of old wisdom in her gift of ivy leaves.

Flowers adorn her hair, luminous leaves
trail her slender form, as his song
of spring fills her senses. The rustle
of dry leaves, O how restless
is the wind, it tugs at her heart in new
ways she can't fathom. She looks up.

The sky is silent, the sal stoic, up
there, bright birds in tender leaves
chirp their new
melodies, singing ancient songs
in different ways, their restless 
hearts ablaze. It is a musical rustle

In blue and wheat. They rustle 
in a storm of emotions, freeing up
tresses with abandon, a restless
sea surging in them. Green gold leaves
all around, their lyrical love songs
winding in mazes of the heart, all new !

Red-earth-trails in glowing hearts, new
ways they traipse and prance! Rustle
of young steps, their hearts on song,
sway gently, ever so gently. Looking up
full of desire, their eyes luminous leaves
veined with love, eternal, restless...

Melodies play on and on, as restless
new leaves rustle up 
song, the forest hums.

Smeetha Bhoumik is an artist, editor, poet, founder – Women Empowered-India (WE) Literary Community, 2016 and founding editor Yugen Quest Review, 2021. She is the author of poetry collections – Where I Belong -Moments, Mist & Song (2019), Return to LoveThe Point of Poetry (2021), and Chief Editor of Equiverse Space -A Sound Home In Words (2018). Her poems feature in national and international journals and anthologies.
In art, her favourite theme is The Universe Series in oils depicting galaxies, star forming regions, mysterious energies of the universe. Her work has exhibited in India and abroad, notably at the Red Dot Miami, 2015, Oxford International Art Fair 2014, 2015, Parallax, London, 2013, Jehangir Art Gallery 2010, Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata 2011, 2012, Barcelona International Art Fair, 2014, in ten solo and forty five group shows.
Smeetha believes in creativity, equality and endorses a spirit of collaboration.