Rituparna Khan – WE Earth Green Heart Award 2022

River of rivers

If it is faith...
It is you. 

If it is hope... 
It is you. 

If it is sanity... 
It is you. 

If it is culture... 
It is you. 

If it is life... 
It is you. 

If it is God... 
It is you. 

O' Ganga! 
River of rivers. 
Heaven on earth. 

Glowing lamp

Stretch your hands up to the sky.
Is it too dark to dazzle your wings? 
Not good enough.

Can't reach her anyway with wings.
Try to stretch within, to her abyss. 
She is in your heart:

A glowing spark levitating your soul 
A lamp illuminating crannies of sorrow 
Oceania of joy. 

Escarpments and life

I am flat.
I am featureless.
I am hackneyed.
I am transitory emotions. 

I am pristine. 
I am a silent witness
To upheavals of restless hills 
And fickle minded plains.

I am deep. 
I am profound. 
I am consistent in changing times. 
I am beyond exuberant expectations.

Love me or despise me 
You can never ignore me. 
I am the truth of escarpments, 
Nestling eternal plateaus. 

April story

Fuming bright and fuming hot.
Parch my heart and parch my soul. 
Drench my thirst, O' dried up emotions. 
Sunny dew, saunter through my veins.
Warmth of air, leave me in wilderness.
Arid fronds wither away with dusty flow. 
Broken earth soak up the last drops to abysses. 
Solitary birds wing out in shackles of soliloquy.
Deserted firmaments basking in heated glory 
End in a welcome nor'wester of April's story. 

Rituparna Khan is an Assistant Professor in Bidhannagar College, Salt Lake, Kolkata. She is a Geographer by profession dealing with anything and everything from natural to human phenomena based on a spatial dimension. However, her inclination to Literature, especially poetry, is no less. A few of her works are published and well appreciated and awarded in print as well as social media (two poems in the anthology, “Nostalgia-A Story of the Past”, five poems in OPA Anthology, one poem in SETU, three poems in the anthology, “Float Poetry: reverse the rivers” and one poem in the anthology, “Eternal Flame”.
She has an received an award from Inter Cultural Poetry and Performance Library for writing in a Rhyme Competition on World Poetry Day and received the Reuel International Award for Best Upcoming Writers in Poetry, 2019 judged by The Significant League in Glopowrimo (Global Poetry Writing Month). Her debut book, ‘Tales told and Untold”, a collection of short stories has been launched in Kolkata international Book Fair in 2020. Her second book, a debut collection of poetry, ‘Melting Thoughts” has been published by Authorspress in 2021.