Recipients : WE Poe-Tree Green Hearts Award 2022

Categories – Earth, Diva, Meritorious


  • WE Earth Green Hearts Awards 2022 Recipients – who took us back to earth!
  • With Exemplary Poetry, Participation, Resilience during #CeWoPoWriMoWE ’20, ‘21.

       Amita Paul, Rituparna Khan


WE Diva Green Hearts Award 2022 Recipient – for lighting up our world with verse!

For Exemplary Poetry & Participation during #CeWoPoWriMoWE ’19 ’20, ’21 and WE Online Readings, Celebrations

        Lily Swarn


      3. WE Meritorious Green Hearts Award Recipients – for exceptional contribution to WE Literary Community, WE Awards and Poetry

      Nishat Haider, Taseer Gujral,

Somrita Urni Ganguly