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Butterflies are free 
And so am I

Navigating streams and foliage
Skimming over the sea.

In love with the sunshine and moons, 

I romance 
Aligning planets,

Cool climes 
With oceanic skies...

I’m ebullient in zephyrs 
Because butterflies are free & so am I !


Now and again azure seas turn dark
Clouds loom deep and thick,
I may find enormous sharks 
And feel the black looming skies,

But there’s a ray of light
A sunbeam glowing full of love
That guides and takes me through, 
I may falter but I find my way

Always, always, meandering,
My life may rock and really roll
But I’ll land on my feet I promise you, 
I’ll land on my feet and softly still

Through butterfly bushes streams and boughs 
Because butterflies are free 
And so am I.

Entering the world of poetry, Nisha JamVwal wears many creative hats with aplomb. She is a columnist with Asian Age; BBC Good Homes; Grazzia; Femina; Mid-Day; L’Official; Business India, a motivational speaker and Board Member of educational institutions as mentor. She is an astute Brand Consultant & Strategist, an award-winning Interior Architect (designer of apartments, Jaipore Airport lounge and Restaurant), who has diversified into fashion, and owns an eponymous fashion label. She is also an art consultant and craft activist working to save traditional Indian Crafts, and has authored three books on the subject; while orchestrating auctions to help save the dying crafts of our country from becoming extinct.
… Asian Age, Good Homes, Hindustan Times Luxe, Youth Inc , Grazia, L’Official & other columns & articles posted on the Nisha JamVwal Blog

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