Lily Swarn – WE Diva Green Heart Award 2022

For exceptional contribution to Poetry, WE Literary Community, WE Award Celebrations

I hoard my own stars

The inside of my tear drop is mine alone 
Out of bounds for all who want to fathom its depths 
For that is where I hoard my stars 
In the shimmering rainbow lights captured within its saline waters 

I let the cascades of tears gently wash 
The dank dingy walls of my sobbing spirit 
Hiding in the twinkling lights of my oozing wounds 
Each snow flake starry eyed knowing full well that it must melt 

When my  jet black sky  terrifies me 
With its ominous pall of sinister darkness 
I switch on the gleaming fairy lights of my teardrops 
And brighten the  knolls of my bewildered psyche 

The star struck moon envies me my coruscating lamps 
Each shadowy nook and niche mysteriously waltzing 
Like the diamond sparks from my winking nose pin 
My cache of light is safe within me 
You need to dive in cavernous depths of sorrow 
In order to hold it in your palms 

When you read my eyes

You read my eyes as if they were an unpronounceable word in the thesaurus 

Searching for answers to vague questions 
Answers that you already knew in your heart 
That heart which was lush with a nameless love 

My eyes looked down from the image you had placed strategically on the wall opposite your study table 
As if it's placement in your bosom wasn't enough 

The chill permeated through your royal ,high collared coat 
And snowed around your weary shoulders 
Tired with the constant gazing into my irises 

Sometimes they hummed a long forgotten ghazal 
Or cooed like the grey dove in your back yard 
They were garrulous eyes like taunting women folk sitting around the village tandoor 

The mysterious aura in the almond eyes was not because of the dark kajal that crooned love ditties 

It was the stony silence of tradition 
It ricocheted and boomeranged around your steadily dimming reading glasses 
Till you fell into a dream filled stupor 
Your chin resting on your yearning chest 

Lily Swarn, our WE Diva of the World, is a multilingual poet, author, columnist, gold medalist, university colour holder, radio show host and Peace Ambassador, writing in different genres. A Trellis of Ecstasy, has received praise as a veritable delight by The Journal of Commonwealth literature in London. The Gypsy Trail, Lilies of the Valley, have been highly appreciated . History on My Plate got rave reviews. She has won over fifty international and national awards like Reuel International Prize for Poetry, Global Icon of Peace, Sahitya Rattan, Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award, Master of Creative Impulse, Sarojini Naidu Award,Woman of Substance, Kairat Duissenov medal for poetic excellence, Order of Shakespeare Medal among others. Lily’s poetry has been translated into sixteen European and Asian languages and her Urdu ghazals have been set to music. She was recently declared finalist for Global Culture Champion Award by UK’s She Inspires Awards.

We are pleased to carry a detailed bio for Lily Swarn in the issue

Lily Swarn is an internationally awarded multilingual best selling poet,author and columnist, has five books in different genres to her credit .A Peace and Humanity ambassador for institutions in Peru , Ghana , Morocco , Nigeria .

Her first book 
A Trellis of Ecstasy , which is a compilation of poetry was launched in Delhi in 2017 and was very well received. It was highly appreciated by the Chief  Minister of Punjab ,Capt Amarinder Singh .
The Journal of Commonwealth Literature , London has lauded this book and called it a “Veritable Delight “.

Lilies of the valley , her second book is a collection of essays . It was launched in India International Centre , New Delhi in 2018 and was received with love and rave reviews . Both these books got wide coverage  by the print media .

The Gypsy Trail ,a novel  about the life of an Army Wife was  launched by His Excellency ,Governor of Punjab. Mr V P Singh Badnore in the Punjab Raj Bhawan on 10 th October ,2018.It has generated much interest .

Her fourth book History on My Plate was released in Press  Club Of India , New Delhi on 6 th july a unique and exciting glimpse into the journey of food till it reaches your plate. It is widely acclaimed by both the vernacular and English press . 

Rippling Moonbeams is her latest poetry anthology launched in the Chandigarh International Literary Festival . It has tributes from poets worldwide 

Lily has won numerous  International and national awards till now -

1.Lily Swarn won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 

2.She was recognised by the World Union Of Poets  as Global Poet Encomium Of Peace and Universal Love.

3.World Institute Of Peace conferred the title of Global Icon of Peace on her in Nigeria .

4.Lily has been awarded the Virtuoso Award by Philosophique Poetica

5. She was conferred with the Elizabeth Barrett Browning   International Award at India World Poetry Festival in recognition of her contribution for World Literature and Promotion of World Peace and for her Legendary contributions in the field of Literature and Poetry in 2017 

6.Lily has been  honoured with" An Icon "award by the city administration during the celebrations of 51 years of establishment of Chandigarh  

7.International Diploma by Temirqazyq, the best writer of the world 2017.

8.Poetic Galaxy 2018 award by Literary  Cosmos Society.

9.Sarojini Naidu Award for excellence in Poetic composition and recitation 

10.Awarded Gold Double Cross award for the book ,Complexion Based Discriminations .

11.Lily was awarded the trophy for being Woman Of Substance 

12.Title of Meritorious Poet and Author 2017 by Different Truths

13.The coveted "Frang Bardhi "International Poetry Contest awarded Lily with A Special Award for her exceptional work 

14. Awarded Certificate OF Honour for delivering a disquisition  on Metalanguage.

15. World Directory of Literature , History, Art and Culture presented  a Certificate that endorses the inclusion of the illustrious Lily Swarn for her recognised merits in the literary and cultural field

16.World Icon ofLiterature , certificate of excellence

17.International Icon of Literature. Mewadev Laurel Award 

18.Certificate of Honour for showing outstanding qualities in global literary excellence and contributions .

19.FIGCDLS Reader’s Choice Pavement lightt gallery award for dedication and honesty in literature and for uplifting literary generations 

20.Diploma De Honor for outstanding 
participation in the Anthology of Venezuela

21.Was honoured with the Social Excellence Award 2018-2019 ..

22.Was  honoured with the award of 
“Pride Of India “ by the Global Literary Society .

23.Certificate of Appreciation by International Humanity Conference 2019 for her work and support .

24.Hafrikan Prince Art World has appointed her Ambassador of Humanity 

1.	Nominated recently as one of the “Most Influential Women “of Chandigarh by Brijbhumi Foundation .
3.	“Living Legend of 21st century “by international Higher Academic Council of English Literature
5.	27. Award of Honour presented by Chandigarh Management Association
7.	Social Excellence Award by  Pinkishe Foundation 
8.	Memento of Honour by Plethora magazine 
9.	Diploma De Honor for Poetas de Oriente 
10.	Certificate of excellence by IFC H 
11.	World Poetic Star Honour by World Nations Writers Union 
12.	Recently awarded a Diploma for writing poetry about children and hunger problems for an anthology in Chile 
13.	Amrita Pritam Award 
14.	Fellowship of the Regal World Of Scribes 
15.	Awarded “Master of Creative Impulse “ at World Poetry Confluence 2019 
16.	Prominent Figure of 2019 by IFCH Morocco 
17.	A Great Poet and Writer Par Excellence title by World Pictorial Poetry Forum 
18.	Certificate of excellence awarded by ICFH Morocco 
19.	Ambassador of humanity IFCH 
20.	International Volunteerism Award 2020 for her humanitarian contribution towards fight against Covid 19 
21.	Certificate of thanks and appreciation from International Forum for Creativity and Humanity 
22.	Certificate of Gratitude from Pinkishe Foundation for service for marginalised and underprivileged women and girls 
23.	Platinum Category Honour from Motivational Strips 
24.	International Gold Award for her efforts in humanitarian field WAC 
25.	World Parliament for Peace - Great Personality Award 
26.	Corona Warrior Honour by WAC India 
27.	Certificate of achievement by Samarpan 
28.	Perceptive Review Australia for writing valuable poems 
29.	Awarded by Gujarat Sahitya Akademi and Motivational Strips on  Independence Day 
30.	Appreciated by Taghrid Fayad Lebanese Cultural Forum , Lebanon for her literary , artistic and cultural contribution 
31.	Commendation Certificate by Kavya Kumbha International festival 
32.	Sahitya Ratan Award by Asian Academy of Arts 
33.	Kairat Duissenov Award for poetic excellence by UHE 
34.	International Golden Award by Sri Manikireddi Healthcare Foundation 
35.	Women Empowered Diva of the World prize 
36.	Egyptian Kanye and Mani encyclopaedia honours Lily Swarn for the outstanding artistic and Literary tender 
37.	Cesar Vallejo 2020 by UHE largest Spanish writers union for the most outstanding of 2020 in literaria , India 
38.	International Ambassador for Peace by World literary forum for peace and human rights 
39.	Inspiring women’s award by Mexico and Morocco organisation 
40.	Selected as one of the exclusive World Contemporary Poets by Poetry and Literature World Vision 
41.	Intellectual Humanity Order of Excellence 
42.	Order of Shakespeare Medal By Motivational Strips 
43.	Golden Eagle Award for Literary Excellence 2021 by Spanish Hispanic Union of World Writers 
44.	Best Author 2021 nomination by Criticspace Awards 
45.	Silver Shield 2021 by UHE 
46.	Gujarat Sahitya Akademi award 2021 
47.	Woman of Heart Awards Love , Peace and Humanity 20-21 
48.	Won Best Author Award on 15 th Jan 22 from criticspace awards 
1. She is member of various International organisations like the Hafrikan Prince Art World Ghana ,Pentasi B World Friendship poetry,Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development  She is an administrator of the Regal World of Scribes and of Pentasi B world friendship poetry  . She is a member and supporter of United World Movement for Children.Lily is Ambassador of Gurgaon Poetry Club .

1. ‘A Versatile Genius ‘ is the title she got in her school Carmel Convent, Chandigarh.

2 A post graduate in English from Panjab University she has taught in the prestigious Sacred Heart College , Dalhousie

3.A gold medalist  for Best All Around Student from the Government College for Girls Chandigarh, 

4.Lily has two University Colours from Panjab University -
One for Dramatics as 'Best actress ' and the other for excellence in Histrionics.  

5.She was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers! 
She won accolades for recitation of self composed poetry too.
1.	Recently featured in the Cover Story of the literary magazine Plethora .
2.	Urban Melange magazine and Glimpse magazine,Corporate insight , Himalini ,The Poet , Our Poetry Archive featured her journey in their issues . 

Poetry as passion blossomed after her young son's sudden demise in 2013.  Her FB page in the memory of her late son Gobind Shahbaaz Singh has tremendous following 

She writes with a poignant touch in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu .

Lily's  poems can  be read in numerous national and International  anthologies .

Her poems have recently been translated into 16 languages like Italian , Spanish , Indonesian, Greek , German ,Urdu, Arabic , French ,Tamil ,Bisayan ,Chinese ,Philippines and Kazakh language too. . Lily’s English poems were translated into by famous TV producer Ayub Khawar and were published in Lahore .

She is widely read in the internationally famous ,Poem Kubili and The Garden of Poetry and Prose magazine , Bharat Vision , Azahar Spanish Magazine ,Raven  Cage.
Our Poetry Archive , monthly web journal included her work in the contemporary Poets of Asia edition .Her work has  been recognised as explosive, outstanding and powerful by different  poetry groups and they often turn their spotlight on it .

A featured poet in Pentasi B Friendship poetry ,she has been invited to attend their International poetry meets .Her poetry has also found a place in the e zine ,Incredible Women of India and in the Learning and Creativity Magazine .Lily's prose makes an appearance in the Australia based EZine ,The Mind Creative .Lily Swarn's column "History mystery of Food "was published each Wednesday in the international web magazine Different Truths .com. Her series "Cantonment Calling" in the same magazine won her exceptional readership world wide .  
Lily is an active member of Chandigarh Literary Society , Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi , 
Lily has been a radio show host in North Carolina USA and  anchored prominent stage shows both  in the civil and army arenas due to her proficiency in English , Urdu ,Hindi and Punjabi .Frequently invited as a  guest for her views on the 24hour multilingual radio broadcaster ,Sher e Punjab  radio aired from Vancouver, Lily was recently interviewed by the Red River Radio "Tales from the pages "show in the  United.States .

Married to an army veteran , she lives in Chandigarh, 
You can find her writings in these 
books -
1.Contemporary major women  poets of India 
2.The Virtual Reality 
3.Colours Of Refuge 
A multilingual book whose  proceeds go to refugees 
4.Bouquet of verse 
5.Love poems 
6.Roses and Rhymes 
7..Revista Letrare ATUNIS
Poems translated into Italian 
 8.A Galaxy of Distinguished Poets  and Emerging Contemporary Voices 
 9.Regular column for web magazine Different Truths read
 all over the world
 10.A Trellis of Ecstasy applauded by India Today and the Chief Minister Punjab 
 11.Lilies of the Valley , a book of essays highly appreciated by President of Writers International Network Canada 
12.The Gypsy Trail 
13.History on my Plate 
 14.Symphony of Peace 
 16.Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2018. An anthology of contemporary world poetry 
 17.Complexion based discriminations 
18.Plant Poetry 
19.Pictorial poetry , Coffee table book 20.Palestine International anthology 
21.Muffled Moans 
22.Open Lane anthology of poetry from Albania 
23.Float Poetry 
1.	Women of Essence 
2.	25 Wonderful Women of Excellence 
3.	Espalier me Eren( Portugal)
4.	World Healing World Peace 2020 
5.	Poets and poetry ( Spaces within and without )
6.	W.A.R We Are Rvolution 
30.Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2021
31.Roseate Sonnet Anthology 
32.Serbia 2021 World Poets Anthology 
33.Poets Unify World 
1.	Feminist voices Vol 2 
35 Ruddy Ravens Cheshire cats rusty rats 
36.Paradise on earth 

Lily was co host of the  international Malay Artistic poetry and cultural festival in Singapore and was awarded for it .

.Invited to the conference against Racial Discrimination in Mathura by Literati  Council as speaker and was awarded Poetic Galaxy 2018 award .

Invited to Ghana for a peace conference in September as speaker and an awardee.

Invited as Guest of Honour at Indian Poetic Confluence ,Hyderabad . She was offered  the Most Outstanding Poet of the World award . 

Poet of the month in the international web journal , Our Poetry Archive. 
Invited by Asian Literary Society as Guest of Honour.

Lily was invited to speak in the Clarion Call of the Military Literature Festival in Chandigarh which was preceded by an audio visual of her writings
She was moderator of a session with eminent writer Gurcharan Das in the Literati festival organised by the Chandigarh Literature Society .

Lily is invited to recite her Punjabi Nazms by the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi and by the Sahitya vigyan kendra ,

PUNJAB Kesari  ran an interview with her on their channel recently.

The Pinkishe Foundation awarded the Social Excellence Award to Lily Swarn 

Lily was recently Guest of Honour at the 5 th Global Literary Festival in Noida and spoke about new trends in literature 

  Lily was  part of the Saarc festival  recently besides other prominent festivals 

Her Urdu ghazals are currently being sung by eminent singers .

Lily was featured as one amongst 25 Wonderful Women of Excellence in a Coffee Table Book of that name .

Lily ‘s poetry and prose are now being made into podcasts titled “Lily’s Tale “ and are available to be heard 
Prime Asia television , Canada interviewed her as their first Prime Woman  

These days she is called upon to interview and host important  personalities and celebrities 
Recently declared a finalist for Global Champion Award by She Inspires award U K