Life & Learning In The Pandemic

WE In Pandemic Times

For almost everyone the world over, it was a stressful, difficult, fear ridden year ’20 and we out here, were deeply affected. There was too much uncertainty and suffering to process. In that pervasive loss and grief, it was but a miniscule collateral damage that I lost half my hair, not used to long hours in a hot humid kitchen, but every moment there was filled with gratitude. Images of fleeing migrants remained etched forever in guilt ridden memories, and acted like a wake-up call. It became a time of unprecedented support towards the underprivileged, letting flickers of hope shine amidst looming loss and despair.

Learning and the Pandemic

Feminine Power Systems, Quantum Healing and Advanced Poetry Workshop

After the initial shock of lockdown in early spring of ’20, a phase of acceptance slowly opened up new worlds of learning online, and I made full use of this. The act of entering these worlds overshadowed the fear, anxiety, endless chores and ways of ‘staying safe’, and created precious moments of deep focus. From an insightful poetry workshop with the gifted poet and author Kristina Marie Darling to immensely path-breaking ‘Feminine Power’ sessions with Dr.Claire Zammit, and ‘Quantum Powers & Healing’ led by Dr. Jean Houston, there was a burgeoning of knowledge and understanding about life’s vital forces. Mindvalley and Vishen Lakhiani offered invaluable learning experiences. The previous year I had earned Steven Kotler’s ‘Habit of Ferocity’ certificate.

While I thought all this is a solid foundation for the time I’m ready to launch workshops in due course, their immense power burst forth that year itself! 

As year-end approached in halting steps after a fresh outbreak of casualties post Diwali celebrations, anxiety reigned supreme  along with fear.

Small Miracless in Slow Time – Please read it in this section presented separately.