Essence of the New Award

Essence of The New Recognition Being Introduced

This issue of Yugen Quest Review, Spring 2022, gives a brief glimpse of the evolution and poetic journey of the WE Literary Community over six years since its inception, tying in with the new award to celebrate its essence. 

It is time to make this significant addition that honours our inception, our founding story, our evolution as a branched-out community offering solidarity and space to poets, writers, creatives, especially women, women-identified voices and associates of all hues; even as our esteemed panel of judges deliberate on the existing WE Poetry Awards.

As a community of literary persons engaged in writing, reading, collaborating and curating poetry, WE appreciate the creation of eco-systems that inspire and encourage, the need to amplify womxn’s voices, and offer creative spaces that one may thrive in.

Our essence is a golden green spirit honouring the earth, as evidenced by the creative journey and founding experiences so far, and this issue presents the salient points.