Amita Paul – WE Earth Green Heart Award 2022

Five Poems written during #CeWoPoWriMoWE 2021

Spring in Betla

One fine morning , it broke out
Throughout the Forest
The Fire of Spring
The Flame of the Forest
Tongues licking the Sky
A Living Thing
With wild abandon
Trees , young and old,
Are blossoming 
This way and that 
Restless New Leaves 
They fling
The Flirtatious Breeze
Rustles through them all
Dancing , laughing

Talking to Narmada – You are different

Ganga Jamuna Saraswati
Sindhu Godavari Kaveri
All very decorously feminine 
And then you
Nar Mada Androgynous 
Like your patron Ardhnaareeswara Shiva
Krishna Godavari Kaveri
All peninsular rivers flow west to east
You are the longest river flowing east to west
You are different , 
gloriously different from the norm
Flowing in a Rift Valley between Vindhyas and Satpuras
Battered battling boisterous still
You give me the courage to be different , stand out from the crowd and defy norms 

What is six feet apart?

What is Six Feet Apart
To a heart inured 
To Infinity ? 
Loved ones gone forever
Is just one thing 
Whole worlds 
Whole Civilizations torn apart
Is quite another
One pandemic 
With endless mutations
Is one thing 
The eternal virus of Greed
Systematic loot
Is quite another 
But don’t bother 
The spin masters 
Will soon have you crooning
The tune of the new normal
And informal
While species vanish
Millions die
Millions live lives of quiet desperation 
The earth unravels
You will go out to dinner with friends
You will watch baseball games in stadiums 
You will hug your Mum and Dad
You’ll buy a new IPad 
You will rock the vaccine scene
And trees, birds and tribals will die unseen 
Six Feet Apart !
Go on hurting Earth’s Heart
Make a song and then sing
About each little thing 
While the World
Is vanishing

Those who love

Those who have truly loved
Will continue to pray
They know only too well
There was so much to say

Oceania of joy

Well, Paul Gauguin can tell us
As also Margaret Mead
Claude Levi - Strauss the zealous
If only we try to read
What the Oceania of Joy is
How lives the Natural Man
How poor Capital as a ploy is
How miserable its plan 
It’s not that Man doesn’t know
How to make the darkness, light
It’s just that money has taught him 
How to kill, and maim, and fight.
The first Rule is Non Violence
The second one is Compassion
The third is to value Silence
And to listen in humble fashion 
But the overarching value
Is that of counting worth 
By what a man means to you
And not his money or birth 

Amita Paul is by profession a retired bureaucrat but at heart a poet and a teacher. She writes , mostly poetry, in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Her recent poems are featured or are forthcoming in anthologies and journals and have found a place of honour in many an online poetry writing forum this summer. She was awarded the NISSIM International Poetry Award (First Prize) for 2019, for Excellence in Writing and her contribution to Indian English Poetry especially through a new genre called Tapestry Poems, by the jury of The Significant League , a Creative Writing group on Facebook. On 22 January 2020 , the TSL Jury announced the award of the First Reuel Prize for 2020 for non – fiction to her for her experimental prose and multi – media Anthology , ‘ The Saaqi Chronicles’. Destiny Poets, Wakefield, UK declared her Poet of the Year ’20, and also Critic of the Year ’20. Her poem ‘View From A Porthole’, was acclaimed at the National Poetry Writing Month site. A selection of her poems feature in an anthology ‘Impressions & Expressions‘ edited by Amita Sanghvi, July ’21, as also in the special edition of the Yugen Quest Review, Issue 1,June ’21.